About Gen X 66

Hello world. This is my thought đź’­ space.

I enjoy writing poetry.  It is cathartic for me to write.  Sometimes I write prose.  Haikus are some or my favorites as they are short and sweet, but can contain a lot of thoughts or emotions within them.

I grew up mostly in Southern California, many cities and counties, and even lived in New Jersey for about 3 years (6,7, and 8th grades). I call Pasadena, CA my home, as I was born there and graduated high school there. Currently, I live in Long Beach, CA.

Why Gen X reference?  So the reader has an idea of where I’m coming from in my views, and a clue as to how old I am.

Why do I write? It’s just an internal drive to understand my world through words. Writing brings order to my thoughts, I suppose. You may find a constant theme of “memories” scattered throughout my poems. But I don’t always follow a pattern. I enjoy the freedom of creative thinking.

Why do you read?  Hopefully, to expand your understanding of the world around you.

My goodreads profile:  goodreads.com/DebsterSoCal