Christopher Columbus and discovery

Every since I had joined the organization DAR, they had held an essay contest for students on the topic of Christoper Columbus and coming to America. The specific topic each year might be slightly different. This year, 2020, the organization, at least in California, stopped supporting the essay contest. I do not know why, and the organization has not offered any reason.

The early years that I became a member this young boy wrote an essay and won. I took photos and never thought much about the children, as life goes on…then I received an email.

The following is an email from one of my former chapter members with her name removed.

“Hi DAR ladies and other friends.

Hope this finds you all doing well. A few years ago, a young man who grew up in our church was chosen by our DAR chapter for our outstanding Christopher Columbus Essay award, twice (2008 and 2009) along with two of his younger sisters who won other awards (they were all home schooled).

Palmer Luckey went on to invent a 3D game which he sold around age 16 for over a million dollars. I recently found him mentioned in one of my magazines as having been fired by Mark Zuckerberg from the upper echelon of Facebook because he donated a lot of money to the Trump campaign. Well, that was a good thing, because he has now gone on to start his own high tech company and the rest is explained below in this fascinating video which his mom sent to me. I urge you to watch it, because it will show you what American young people can still achieve and make your heart glad. Be sure to watch clear to the end!!!

Love, xxxxx”

In the spirit of discovery, our journey continues.

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