On Candide – or Optimism

Repost from my LinkedIn: Deborah K. Johnson

There are certain books and stories that stick with you through the journeys in life and one for me is Voltaire’s Candide.

I studied French in school for a few years and the high school teacher, Carol Dunn, would have us read French literature (in French) and discuss in class. This story of Candide stuck with me as did many French authors and philosophies. “One must cultivate their own garden” is one of my favorite quotes.

It is a reminder that a person may travel and learn about other philosophical, religious ways of thinking, or seeing the world, but at the end of the journey you are left with yourself, and your own life to make sense out of it. How you manage your personal life and space is really what matters most. Take care of your own garden, land, or country. Only after taking care of yourself can you then help others to help themselves. #schooloflife #voltaire

School of life article: Cultivate Own Garden