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I chanced upon a collection of haikus on Sparrows, sharing one today, apropos.

haiku by
dick whyte

election year . . .

politicians know nothing

of sparrows

Link to online collection: A Book of Sparrows (link no longer working)

And then I found this interesting translated poem with reference to sparrows, and I wonder if the interpretation or meaning given to the sparrow is accurate. I interpret the sparrow as something, or someone else, not to be trusted in this poem.

Link to article: The Sparrows of Butyrka

The Sparrows of Butyrka

by Irina Ratushinskaya

Now even the snow has grown sad –
Let overwhelmed reason go,
And let’s smoke our cigarettes through the air-vent,
Let’s at least set the smoke free.
A sparrow flies up –
And looks at us with a searching eye:
‘Share your crust with me!’
And in honourable fashion you share it with him.
The sparrows – they know
Who to ask for bread.
Even though there’s a double grille on the windows –
And only a crumb can get through.
What do they care
Whether you were on trial or not?
If you’ve fed them, you’re OK.
The real trial lies ahead.
You can’t entice a sparrow –
Kindness and talents are no use.
He won’t knock
At the urban double-glazing.
To understand birds
You have to be a convict.
And if you share your bread,
It means your time is done.

Photo from: https://lambskinny.wordpress.com/2012/08/09/fear-not-you-are-not-forgotten-luke-126-7-kjv-by-carley-evans/


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