Problematic adjectives and evolving semantics…

This is a post from my sister, @ceterose, from a Facebook post.  Resharing on my blog with her permission.
Problematic adjectives and evolving semantics.
Era of creative hype
Rinse, repeat and start over
historic repetition continues like an endless cycle of vile poisoning of the soul.
It started thousands of years before you and I were born.
I see you there in the dark tower of enterprise, twisting and turning words for that perfect emotionally charged reaction.
Black lives matters
Blue lives matter
All lives matter
Words clash like steely scythes against a brilliant blue sky.
A thousand crimson blooms excellerates the fight.
Indifferent flames lick at limbs of innocence, crippling their economics.
Pointless Collateral Damage
Black lives matter
Blue lives matter
All lives matter
What an insult
Don’t you get it
Speak correct words in correct order, you earn a gold star
Remember, focus only on the media driven crisis.
Ignore the rest
What a good Samaritan you are.
Racist banter camouflaged by pandering politicians in their ivory towers of privledge.
Privledge ideals lost by jealous harlots hiding under a blanket of night’s deception
Black lives do matter
Anything else underminds their plight.
Illusionary myth
Justifiable truth
The battle rages.
By the way, who is protecting black children from urban violence?
Forbidden question oozing from the priveledged
Shame on you
All lives matter
Blue lives matter
Black lives matter.
Where is my piece of the pie?

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Black Lives Matter: A primer on what it is and what it stands for