Diatribe for the broken

Today I saw a post in which a proud woman of stature shared how she came to join a woman’s ancestral organization and recognizing her female role model(s), such as mother or grandmother. Typically, I avoid comments on things that I know nothing about or where my memories don’t exist. I have no frame of reference of what that would be like to have a strong female role model who shared a legacy and acted as a source of strength and courage.

What could I contribute to the conversation?

And it just came to me, very elegantly, to be the voice for the broken and less fortunate.

I wrote:

“Unfortunately my story is a bit different. I didn’t know my family well and was raised by my father. I only discovered [organization] by doing my own family research on Ancestry and discovered past female relatives who were in the [organization]. I would have to say it was those who lived before me and left bread crumbs for me to follow that led me to join. I do not have a female role model, so I am my own. I have a daughter who is now a member and recently my sister.

I will leave bread crumbs behind for future descendants as well.”

If you have lived a life more broken than not, join me in acknowledging your own accomplishments. Some of us start out in life with so much more and others have less, but it doesn’t mean you cannot appreciate or share your own successes. I have had to work harder with less and there are many out there with worse starting points in life than I have had. There are also those who may have started out very privileged and lost it all. Some never find healing.

Traveling on the edges of despair allows an amazing insight into beauty and happiness those who have never been broken or lost can never experience. I call that a blessing in disguise.

Here is your music motivation:

Pretenders – Message of Love

Now look at the people
In the streets, in the bars
We are all of us in the gutter
But some of us are looking at the stars
Look round the room
Life is unkind
We fall but we keep gettin’ up
Over and over and over and over and over and over