Snickerdoodle McFlurry

The snickerdoodle cookie is my second favorite cookie after chocolate chip. The taste of the cinnamon mixed with sugar along with the perfect soft texture of the baked cookie can create the perfect taste bud experience for me.

After I saw the commercial by McDonald’s for the Snickerdoodle McFlurry, it was like the movie Inception and the idea that I had to visit McDonald’s permeated my brain. I imagined the wonderful flavor of a snickerdoodle cookie mixed in with the soft texture of the McDonald’s ice cream and immediately thought, “screw my diet”. I would sacrifice gaining a few winter pounds to savor the wonderful McFlurry and diet later.

Last week, while working from home, I thought, let’s do this, let’s go get one of them for lunch! I loaded Rex in the back of the car and we made that harrowing left turn on to Spring, which I hate. The left turn off my street is one of the deadliest adventures in my neighborhood. At least once a month it seems some idiot crashes into another car due to badly timed left or illegal U-turns. But, I digress.

Rex and I make it to Spring and Palo Verde, and I had to make another left turn. I abhor left turns, but at least this intersection has a left turn lane and light. I pulled into the parking lot and made my way to the two lane drive thru that bottlenecks later into one lane. At the window, I asked if they have the Snickerdoodle McFlurry, and they do, but the ice cream machine is broken. I’m stuck now. There is a car behind me and I have to go forward, so I order the Artisan chicken sandwich, fries and a plain iced tea. We head home and I’m disappointed. I fill out the survey online and use that as my reason to try again later, as I will get a free quarter pounder with cheese next time. (By the way, Rex and I enjoyed bag fries on the way home).

Two days later, I’m working from home again, it’s Friday, and I venture out again. It is the same time of day, 1pm. We make it to McDonald’s and I notice this time, it is a little more busy, all the kids must have been released from school early. Christmas is next week. Winter break. I’m feeling worried this time. Will the machine be broken? Will I get my McFlurry? My heart is racing a little at the excitement of the unknown.

I pull up to order and the voice on the other side sounded rather drab, monotone. I crack a joke and try to conjure a voice felt smile. Nothing. “Is your ice cream machine working?” He says, “Yes.” I order the free quarter pounder with cheese (buy one get one free), fries and a Snickerdoodle McFlurry. On the board in front of me, is someone else’s order, I’m confused as he reads back my order. I see 20 McNuggets, fries and an Oreo McFlurry on the electronic board. The order voice box tells me that is the car to my right. I say, “Okay.” Part of me is relieved that someone else ordered a McFlurry. There is still hope.

The drive thru line is long. The wait is longer than the other day. This gives me time to think. I’m watching the kids all walking by, going into McDonald’s and wondering if they are ordering ice cream too. Will the machine break just as I pull up? It would be just my luck.

I pull up to the pay window. The young man tells me, the ice cream machine broke. (I laugh on the inside, as I predicted this just a few minutes ago). I say in disbelief and ask about the Oreo McFlurry ahead of me and he said that it broke after that order. I’m thinking to my self, “no f*cking way.”

He tells me that the shake machine is working and I’m thinking to myself that doesn’t make sense, but okay, I’ll play along. He puts down a shake on my order. I offer up my receipt with the special code to get my “buy one get one free quarter pounder with cheese” and he doesn’t take it. He tells me to keep it for next time. So I’m guessing he feels bad about the ice cream machine issue.

I then drive up to the order pick up window and a different crew is there and they tell me (two of them) that I can’t have a shake either, (which I knew was coming, but playing this whole thing out as I’m in their world, not mine). So I settle on a Mocha Frappuccino. On the way home, I suffered a little brain freeze, but over all, it was pretty good drink. My favorite Frappuccino is still the Java Chip Frappuccino from Starbucks. However the McDonald’s Frappuccino isn’t half bad.

It’s now Sunday morning, 12/22/2019 and I’m wondering if I will try again.

Maybe I will just go buy some snickerdoodle cookies, ice cream and put them in the blender at home and save myself the hassle.

Check out this You Tube video on a rating of the McFlurry:

My receipts which conveniently don’t have the McFlurry on them. But as a good consumer, I filled out a survey each time.


Update 12/23/2019:

Made my own shake last night after visiting grocery store.