Old Composition book and memories (Intro)

While digging through my files to find some ancestry records, I stumbled on an old composition notebook on mine. The yellowed pages with fading ink stirred up some memories. The book was originally given to me by a former boyfriend in my college days, I kept it around, but not him. I tore out a lot of those pages of past memories after we broke up when I ventured on a new career path. I used the book to write some new memories of my early days as a Deputy Sheriff working in the county jail.

The next few posts will be a retelling of those journal notes mostly. However, I found two pages that I did not destroy that brought a different set of memories from college. Amazing to keep old notes around and wonder why I was so attached to these notes.

Chapter 1 will be about the short history of Number Crunching Statistical System (NCSS) and why these notes are in my journal and what memories the notes triggered.

The remaining chapters will be some odd picks in my journal starting from the first day 7/17/1990 of working as a Deputy in the county jail. My journal only spans to 9/3/1990. It appears that I stopped writing in this journal. I do have a few other journals that I gave to my daughter, but those contain some older poems I wrote while working in the jail. I wanted to forget, but those pesky memories come back to haunt every now and then. Reflection can be good for the soul.

Contents (draft)



2. First Day

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Food for thought on therapeutic value on writing ✍️

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