Gray areas

Thoughts while walking my dog…

A few years back I worked for a Program Manager who was a bit older and liked to challenge me at times. He told me one day that I see the world too black and white. Probably, a symptom of law enforcement training in my past. But now as a Business Analyst he somehow expected me to live in the gray area and not be too quick to make a decision or judgement. This is a very different thought process from law enforcement where you are trained to make a command decision at the drop of a hat.

Echoing in my memory banks are words like: “They’re shooting at you, Brokl, what are you going to do?” “Make a decision!”

In the business world, corporate America, gray areas exist ad nauseam. One must tease out the facts, recheck, recalibrate, confirm requirements dozens of times until finally reaching black or white, or any other color the business decides. It is their decision, not yours to make as an analyst. You only present the options.

So he taught me about gray areas. Living in black and white at the same time.

Quantum computing now has the concept of qubits, which can take a superposition of both 0 and 1. But even at some point 0 or 1 is decided. This may work great when you are trying to create a random set of outcomes, but at some point through all the analysis a decision or final point must be made.

How quickly you need to make a decision or take action will be the deciding factor on how black and white you need to see the world.

Just my thought for the day.

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