Serial killer, Cynthia Lynn COFFMAN | Method of murder: Strangulation

There was a chapter in my life when I was in law enforcement and one of my first assignments was working corrections in the county jail. The woman in the article below was in custody at the jail awaiting trial during this short chapter of my life.

After reading the details of what this woman did along with her partner, and comparing to how she behaved while in custody, in administrative segregation, I would say they were two different people.

If you wonder why my ability to trust people is so challenged at times, it is because I have met some of the most wicked and deranged society has to offer and at times they appear as normal as you and I, especially when not on drugs, fed normally, housed and clothed.


Cynthia Coffman (born 1962) was the partner in crime of James Gregory Marlow. She was born St. Louis, Missouri. Coffman and Marlow were accused of killing four women in October–November 1986. They were arrested on November 14, 1986, following which Coffman confessed to the murders. They were put on trial in July 1989, and in 1990 sentenced to death, Coffman being the first woman to receive a death sentence in California since the reinstatement of the death penalty in 1977. A further trial in 1992 convicted her for another murder with a sentence of life imprisonment. She was still on death row in 2011.
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