The Art of Answering Questions – John Braddock – Medium

Sometimes, asking the right question is important too. – GenX66

Some of the questions have been factual (“What is . . . ?”). Some have been procedural (“How should . . . ?”). Others have been strategic (“What if . . . ?”). To answer those questions, I used data…
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  1. More often it is more basic than even this. The cliche “there is no such thing as a a stupid question..” is incorrect. Many questions are stupid, or more accurately defined as “lazy”. As the author says, the “questioner” usually already has an answer in their head.


  2. But he goes on to describe how to separate the answer and perhaps, plant a new one.

    Oh, go back and read my updated post on DNA hacking. I have a story to tell one day. Too soon.


  3. May work once in a while, but 90% of people always want what they want, and it is tough to truly persuade them to change their mind, particularly over the long course. Being able to see things from a new perspective only places you in a small minority.


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