Four Haikus

Recently I wrote a short set of four haiku poems encrypted with different methods.

I was learning about the different ways messages have been obfuscated through time. My muse that set me down this rabbit hole was this YouTube channel that I chanced upon, which is rather bizarre.

Now this channel appears to distort audio signals and send messages electronically. I find it rather fascinating science, those who find ways to hide messages amongst the noise.

You have to ask yourself, what good is writing if your message cannot be understood?

Maybe some of us write for a small audience and only want our message to be understood by a few, those who can listen to the noise of our daily lives.

Here are my four haikus dedicated to those living with hidden messages waiting to be read and understood.

Four Haikus


Vigenère Communication

Prisoner’s code (with variations)

Nihilist cipher

Learn more about the history of cryptography: