November 2016 – a short retrospective

Trump (on Twitter)

Words like fire spew

Offending snowflakes, he does

Melting sanity



Flashback to November 2016:

The memory is still vivid. I see myself outside myself, looking down, seeing me sitting in the recliner chair struggling in thought.

I remember crying a little with frustration, feeling a little trapped like when you are playing a game and already see the outcome; there was no winning move.

Then there was the realization that my vote really did not matter. In the bigger picture and the way our electoral college works, I was either in the majority of how California was swaying or I was nothing. Casting my ballot or not casting my ballot would not really make a difference in the national scene.

I switched my focus on the local issues. I filled out all bubbles on my absentee ballot, except the last one for President of the United States.

I sat in that chair a long time. I eventually went with my registered party. (Now I am not registered to any party).

Now reflecting on all my thoughts, I am compelled to write them down and replay this moment to re-examine where I went wrong in my critical thinking, and at what point did I make the emotional decision, and was there any other decision even possible.

…and of course, none of it matters. Forces beyond my control made this happen.

– – –

Media and Social media just put more fuel to the fire for everyone who either voted against him or regret voting for him. Having faith in the government does not come easy. I’m not sure that I will continue to vote in the next election. Disillusioned, I am.


It is now December 2018 and any market gain has been wiped out today, Christmas Eve. And I can’t help revisit some research that I was doing to better understand those supporting him.

What is the common thread? Money, hedge fund managers, power, of course, always power, and lastly men? You don’t find rich women in the background in his bio, except one married to WWE CEO, Linda McMahon.

Older notes from last year are here:


This article was my thought catalyst:

My discontent and general anxiety about this man in the White House comes from looking more closely at his business dealings and partners.

But, what do I know about any past president other than what is spoon fed to us from the media. Clinton was no saint either.

The truth really is a fickle creature. Chasing her will lead to more discontent, as liberating as it can seem during the trip.

The past two years media has pushed nothing but the Russian conspiracy down our throats. This election has always been about money and power.

You have to ask yourself, what do hedge fund managers do?

Hedge Fund Strategies 

Hedge fund managers can use multiple strategies to maximize returns for their firms and clients. One popular strategy is using something called global macro investing. The idea is to invest in tandem with a large share or sizable position in markets that are dealing with predicting global macroeconomic trends. This type of strategy used by hedge fund managers gives them the necessary flexibility they need, but the strategy is heavily dependent on excellent timing.

Another popular tactic that has made multiple hedge fund managers billionaires is an event-driven strategy. This means that the managers are looking for large opportunities to capitalize in a corporate environment. Examples of this include mergers and acquisitions, bankruptcies and shareholder buyback initiatives. Managers working on this strategy are capitalizing on any market inconsistencies, similar to using a value investing approach. Hedge fund managers usually go this route because of the vast resources they have behind them.”

Perhaps, I should spend more time playing the market, and looking for stocks on sale.

Merry Christmas