Transcending the external

The Little Drummer Girl recently aired.

This was a wonderful piece of drama with espionage, tragedy and love.

It is my sweet spot but don’t let the marketers know, as they ruin everything.


He writes to me:

The last forty minutes or so were piece de resistance. Khalil and Ghadi are one man. They are not even two sides to the same coin. When Charlie tells Ghadi, “He is beautiful. Did you know that?” She speaks to Ghadi, also.



Charlie is an artist as well as an actor, and with the creative mind also comes the ability to see beauty within another living being. She is not limited by the external shell we all have that sometimes distracts us and makes hide from one another.

This is perhaps one of the most profound moments in the film for Charlie as she finds beauty within the man scarred by a life of war and constant fighting. She was forced to be intimate with him due to her circumstances but fell in love with him, his soul.


He wants to hear those words spoken from a woman who can see beyond his external visage.

He wants a woman who appreciates the beauty in his soul.

Many of us want the same thing, to transcend the external.