Listening is an Act of Love

There are some books that you read that leave lasting impressions, the stories told, the emotions relayed letting the reader share in the journey. Today for some reason unknown to me I thought about this book I read a few years back. One story popped into my mind and I wanted to re-read it.

The book is “Listening is an Act of Love” and it was published by StoryCorps.

Inside the book are the stories recorded from interviews of many people and organized by themes. In fact, these are oral histories, and history is personal, sometimes we forget. We need to be reminded.

The story that struck me the most and still stays with me is about the man who would never wait in lines. I’m taking a risk in republishing a screen shot of the story to share. This will be up for a little while and I hope those who read the story gain new insights in how people’s lives are easily altered by one event in history that changes forever the way they experience life. Personally, now I hate waiting in lines too, but for a different reason, it is just a waste of valuable time from living.

“We never waited, not in a movie line—nothing. Because the line was for people to die, and that was how he framed his life.”

Excerpt From

Listening Is an Act of Love

Dave Isay

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