What we call news in the USA

I just wasted a few minutes reading the “news” about a woman who has a TV show on a major network, and how she just had it cancelled.

The reason it was cancelled by the network was because she made a Tweet about another woman who served under the last President of the USA.

According to news sources, the tweet was “racist.” (Most likely it was an ignorant tweet showing her lack of good sense.)

Now for the next 3 days or so we will all be inundated with every news periodical and TV show debating “right to free speech” and the decision by the network in canceling a popular ratings show leading to repercussions of lost advertising revenue.

Disappointedly, this is what seems to matter in the 24 hour news cycle.

Now, I have been so busy all day working, feeding my dogs and exercising that I only now had time to read about this “tragedy” and find myself wondering, isn’t there anything else more important we can focus on?

It is like the class clowns have grown up and are still trying to distract us all from what really matters in life.

Those clowns should not be receiving our attention, unless they are really funny clowns.

I have never been a fan of this particular comedian and find her not worthy of any media attention. The best way to extinguish unwanted behavior is to not give it attention, which is the reward it so craves. Instead, our (sometimes) intelligent news media does the opposite and feeds the clowns.

Don’t Feed the Clowns!