Game (ИГРА)

Browsing iTunes for new music, I chanced upon an album by Outbreak. The album is classified under “Alternative” music and appears to be “studio heavy metal” music with a singer who reminds me of Evanescence – that sort of vibe. Now, I haven’t listened to all the songs but I was curious as to why this showed up on my radar.

Who knows how the Apple algorithm works?? I usually listen to country and soft rock, so go figure.

Here is the more puzzling part, when I search for this band, I only find the American band, which I believe is no longer together, and the genre of music is different.

Outbreak (US rock band)

So where did this band come from and why can’t I find any information on US sites about it? Any thoughts, readers of my blog??

Here are the list of songs (translated via web translator app):

1. Джульетта (Juliette)

2. Волк (Wolf)

3. Холод (Cold / cold weather)

4. Война (War)

5. Игра (Game)

6. Голоса (Voice)

7. Вера (Belief / faith)

8. Сердцебиение (Heartbeat)

9. Я не пойду за тобой (I won’t follow you)

10. Зомби (Zombie)

Just maybe things are never what they seem? I assume we cannot view everything on the internet from other countries.

Moscow Times Article from a few years ago