The Internet is full of weird people

I’m not above being called weird myself, but the title of this blog is not about me.

Recently, I decided to open my Instagram account to public as a sort of experiment. I left Twitter all together since that platform is a true swamp. But Instagram still seems to be a potentially innocent place of selfies and self-promotion.

Typically, when someone decides to follow me, I mentally classify them and make decisions whether I will follow or not. I try not to follow too many because it makes it harder to focus on those I care about most in my time line feed.

My classification system is not a true science. I review who followed me, check out their bio and look at a few photos and see if this is something that I want to invest time in the near future. Sometimes I find some truly unique persons, like in XVALA account. I may even interact with the other person if they struck my funny bone, or if my curiosity meter is piqued.

Most accounts will fall into a few buckets:

1. Friend or family (usually an automatic follow back unless I find your posting annoying after a while – it’s okay, you can unfollow me too, I’m not so fragile and crying is good for the soul).

2. Self-Promotion: People or businesses who want to sell shit (I may follow temporarily or not at all, and usually unfollow in a week)

3. Fan accounts (sometimes linked to people who want to sell shit) – usually I don’t follow back since this is clogs up my timeline with echo chamber love for the Dodgers. 😛

4. News or local information (sharing information for people who want to know shit) – I usually follow and they don’t follow me – but I use Flipboard for most my news now, not Instagram.

So where’s this going, Deb?

Well, yesterday, this account on Instagram follows me “Prince Genesis Official.”

Bio reads:

Prince Genesis

-Nights on Skid Row

-Reality Series Coming Soon

-Helping homeless on the streets of Los Angeles

-Non scripted excitement & drama

-Heal the people

I’m like, what? I check out his account and see a few photos and videos. I do an internet search and see if this guy is real or some made up self-promoting persona, and get nothing but some old video game hits.

So, my curiosity is piqued. I follow back and post a link on one of his photos to a legitimate website that helps Skid Row: Skid Row Housing Trust

He responds and says something to the effect of thanking me for post and how he is feeding the homeless and coming out with series soon. I make a reply back something like, “It’s like feeding pigeons.” The reason I can’t recall exactly is the account is now not found. LOL!

See my last screen grab on Instragram where “user not found” displays. I’m guessing that I’m blocked?

So why block little old me? I have no idea other than I call bullshit on this media stunt. I’m not sure who this guy is in real life. (Internet searches come up with references to old video games.)

Shouldn’t we be concerned about who comes to into our cities to feed our homeless? This man comes off as a foreigner flying to USA and visiting LA Skid Row like some savior. He did admit that he spoke to some homeless and they choose to live on Skid Row. They receive government checks and spend the money on drugs and alcohol. So what can he do any different than what those of us who live here do? This man is a fake in my opinion. He makes the internet weird.

On another note: what if he is from another country coming here to recruit people for acts of violence and not love? What if he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing? Yeah, I know, that’s weird too.