First grade

A random memory of kindness

During first grade I attended La Canada Elementary. I was one of those kids who went to school late, called a “late bird.”  I don’t really know why, maybe over crowding at schools. I always found myself alone, treated differently somehow.

Anyway, I enjoyed playing tether ball. I mostly played boys, as the girls weren’t much good. I had one friend, an asian boy who I enjoyed playing as we were good opponents. 

I played so much that my right hand was dry, cracked and splitting, but still I played. My parents never noticed, as I kept to myself in a house full of kids and pets. Being quiet and unheard was the best approach.  

In class, I sat next to a hipsanic girl, I could call my friend. She saw my hand and brought lotion from home and gave it to me in a small sandwich bag. It burned slightly when I put the lotion on my hand, but it healed the sore within days.  

 I am thankful for the unexpected kindness of a classmate.