Tired Voice of America

The other day this woman calls my cell phone. She has a raspy, old smoker’s voice and starts reading her script from the NRA.

Later, I thought to myself, this is the “Voice of America” –  Tired, worn out, and unwelcoming?

First we offshored our skilled labor, then customer service, and finally our intellectual property (IT) to foreign lands.  We find ourselves left with Starbucks and marijuana dispensaries across the western states.  Competing now with cheap labor, always cheap.  Forcing are elderly into subsidizing retirement with jobs at some fast food restaurant or Starbucks never enjoying the “golden years.”  Golden years are for the wealthy and power hungry, who send old tired women to call others to support a cause that may be obsolete.

I’ve always wondered why we offshored customer service to foreign lands, like Manila, India, or Dominican Republic. Was it to find a new voice of America, perhaps? Make allies? Help a poor country? Or just confuse us so we don’t hear our own tired voices of america?

Tired of sending our jobs overseas, then forced to buy poorly made products from another country, only to throw it in the trash as soon as it breaks. Tired of answering the phone to foreign voices who just want to take from us, from US, what we once were. Or maybe we gave it away without a fight.

She asks for my credit card, and sadly I say I don’t give out my financial information on the phone.

I don’t even trust the sound of my own voice now.