The Mystery of The Jester – Is it Solved?


There are a few people, at least 100k+ followers (to date as of 2/23/2017), who are aware of the Internet persona known as “The Jester” (@th3j35t3r), and a few have tried to uncover his identity. If you want to know more about that history, just do few google searches, or review some of my reference links at the end of this content. The purpose of this story is not to uncover his identity, but to tell a story of how an average civilian somehow became a person of interest. I will only tell the story, and later provide some additional details. I can only “ask the questions” but I will not know the answers as I only know my side of the story. There will be details omitted so as to protect the innocent. If you know me or the actors in this story, please keep that to yourself. This is not a story about identities but rather a story of a moment in June. How it plays in the drama surrounding J is for a future storyteller to reveal.


I am nobody special. I’m not a journalist, not a software developer, and on a good day, a “jack of some trades and master of none”. I work as a business analyst of sorts and have an ordinary life. I began following J a few years back, on and off, during the “Tango Down” days and some of the Lulzsec fun. I was both entertained, humored and a little concerned of becoming a target of hacks and having my own data compromised. My husband was a target in the past with identity theft and lost one of his email accounts.

I no longer follow J and I am no longer on Twitter. Updated 4/16/2018.

June 2016

Part 1

In June of this year, I took my first trip ever to Washington D.C. I belong to a non-profit organization that holds annual conferences in the city. I was excited as it was also my first vacation alone in years (without my family), although I did travel with an older woman from my organization. On Wednesday, the fifteenth, we had finished a long day of activities and calling it a night. As I usually do, I was checking all my social media accounts, including Twitter. Backtracking a little, I need to mention that all week I had been posting my DC activities openly on Twitter. (Since then, I’m not as open, and delete tweets often).

So it was late now, after midnight, and I was checking my Twitter favorites and one of them being J’s TL to see what drama was happening. (But lately he hadn’t had much activity). I probably liked a Tweet or something and then he DMs me. We start chatting and he wants to send me a photo of himself. I think it was because I had posted some photos near the WWII Memorial and he said he had visited it too. Now, don’t get too excited readers. If anyone knows J, he isn’t really going to reveal himself. He sends me a photo of a man standing in front of the Vietnam wall, but it is a reflection from the wall and you cannot see his face. You can make out his stature and body type, as well as hair color and skin tone. After the photo he asks if I want to talk to him on the phone. My brain is like short circuiting and I’m like thinking “what the heck?” I say, okay, and give him my cell number. I’m obviously curious to see where this is going. I am curious by nature, which isn’t always a good thing.

Now, my elderly roommate is sleeping so I need to take the call in the hallway so as not to disturb her. When the call comes through the display shows coming from “Mohave.” Now, I’ve learned that calls can be spoofed so I just take mental note of it, realizing it could be a fake location. A man’s voice is on the other end, and an obvious fake British-like accent. Sounds a bit like he may be using a device to change his voice. But I try to ignore it as he starts telling me who he is. I’m thinking, “Why is he telling me?” I’m seriously no one and really don’t care. He tells me some story about himself, his name being Jack, he isn’t even a US Citizen, etc. I’m just thinking that this guy is so full of shit, I may have to call him on it, but I hold back and just listen. The details of what he says isn’t really as important as the fact he felt some need to tell me, as if I cared. Typical man talk, he tells me he thinks that I’m pretty and caught his attention with one of my photos. (I’m an older married woman, and flattery only sets off warning signals in my head, like “what does this guy really want from me?”). I start getting tired and a little bored. I tell him that I’m outside my hotel room in the hallway and the security guard is walking the floor, and I need to go bed soon. He asks me to stay on the line for another 20 minutes. 20 minutes? That just seemed odd to me, and a little too specific. At this point, I’m ready to hang up so I let him go on for a little more and then I graciously tell him that I need to go to sleep as it was getting late and I had meetings in the morning. I hung up close to 4am.

Part 2

It is Thursday and I attend a few meetings during the day in DC. Later in the day, I meet up with two of my women friends and we do some shopping in the city. I take photos and tweet, just sharing innocently. However, sometimes I share too much. I was trying on an outfit at Marshalls that I later bought. It was a dressy black pant outfit that I planned to wear on Saturday night for the closing ceremony. The three of us were just having fun and then we started walking back to our hotel. One of my friend’s suggests we stop to get a drink at the Willard. We walk in with our shopping bags and look inside the Robyn’s Nest Lounge for 3 seats. I see a man sitting in front of the window with an extra chair and ask him if he is waiting for someone. He says “No” and I ask if I can take the chair, and he nods. I turn the chair around to face my two friends, and we order some drinks. (Side note: the window seat looks out on the street and right across from the Willard is the JW Marriott, the hotel where I am staying).

After sitting down, I look back at the man and had a weird feeling. He sort of had similar body features as in the photo that I saw the last night. I’m thinking to myself, “No, you are imagining, can’t be.” I turn around and start striking up a conversation with him and he talks with sort of a british-like accent. But it wasn’t real. I have been to the UK and just thought it was contrived. I ask him about his accent and where he is from and he says he has spent a lot of time overseas and developed a sort of hybrid accent. We end up starting up a conversation back and forth and I bring him into my circle of friends and let them talk with him as I observe. I walk to the bar and talk with another couple just to be social and to act disinterested in this man. He says he speaks a little french and spanish as well. My roommate spent some time in France and tries talking to him and that doesn’t go so well for him. She tells me later that he is a liar (as if I didn’t already know that he was lying). A few drinks later, as I sit with him, we start to “connect”. I start sharing more about myself to him in hopes of him opening up. I can be a very open person once you get to know me and I felt that we started developing a rapport. However, in the back of my mind and with the hair standing up on the back of my neck, I knew something was not “kosher” with this man.

We have a lot of back and forth word play and I try to pretend that I don’t catch his references. He was dropping so many clues that were only known between the conversation that took place the night before, and my Twitter TL. (Another thing to note, he denies that he is on the internet at all, so either he was given this information about me, or he is a liar). First, he says something about being tired and I ask how long he was up last night, and he says till about 4am. Second, he brings up “Mohave” in the conversation, unprompted by me. Third, I mention that I think that I’m underdressed for this bar, and he mentions that I might want to put on something black and slinky, (reference to my Twitter post). This type of clue dropping goes on and on where it is obvious this person has some idea of the conversation on the phone last night and who I am on Twitter. “Pseudo-naively”, I play along with him, not really sure where this is going.

I share who I am with him, the real me, that I am business systems analyst, that I was in law enforcement at one time, that I have two children and I’m married (I wear a ring so it is pretty obvious that I’m married). He eventually opens up as well. I know his name, saw his watch with the name inscribed. He tells me where he went to high school. I know he is a high ranked officer in the military (omitting the branch of service). The night goes on and we spend more time together. (On my own later, I eventually confirm the identify of this man as being a real person, and I am withholding his name intentionally). Yet, I am still curious as to why he would have dropped all those clues earlier with clear intent to imply a J connection. It is clear to me he knows of J. I never ask him about that because quite frankly, I didn’t care. I know 99.9% there is a connection and I cannot go into all the details as to why I believe this to be true. As I have said, it isn’t about the identities of the players but why the game?

I do not have the answers. All I have are a bunch of puzzle pieces that do not fit together. (It’s now over 6 months later and I’m re-reading and I’ve sort of abandoned the puzzle).


So I have come to the end of this moment in June, or about as much as I will write.
It is not that exciting but it happened.


  1. The man I met has similar body type, hair color, and skin color as the photo
  2. The man brings up “Mohave” in conversation unprompted
  3. Knows details about my late night conversation and says he was up late too
  4. Uses fake accent in the early part of night (later it fades away completely)


  • Why would I be a “person of interest”?

My belief, pure and simple, just a matter of convenience. I was there in DC, I showed interest and allowed myself to be brought into the “game.” Reflecting now, I’m sure there is trolling for women* that takes place by him and his male friends, so maybe that is all it was. (Apparently, this is the case).

(*Refer to Rachel Marsden articles surrounding J and @mrossletters history).

  • Do I think this man is J?


I have done more research on the man I met, and there is a high likelihood that he is NOT the same person. However, I do believe that he knows who J is and there must be a relationship of some kind.

(By the way, I remember asking J on the phone about the “Jesters Army” and he brushed it off as something he didn’t have anything to do with creating, but acknowledges them as fans and supporters. Many of JA appear to be ex-military)

  • Is J the same person (persona) from the end 2012 to 2016?

I’m not really sure. It seems that his persona evolved into a different character. At times posts are newsworthy and come across legitimate and in the middle of the night his demeanor changes. More Youtube music posts at night that disappear in the morning and more personal posts in the middle of the night than at other times. There is clearly no more “Tango Down” or going after terrorists. From what I have learned the technology he had was taken away as being illegal and misused, or could be outdated, as security measures improved. Feel free to fact check on your own.

Update 3/25/2017:

Below is a link to a few articles and some identify Jester as Mark Walker from the U.K.   If this is true, he has pulled off the biggest scam on Twitter and in real life to many of his followers.

Lately his agenda is anti-Trump propaganda.

Photos from Spy Museum in D.C.

References for Future Reading

Disclaimer: I make no claims on the validity of any content listed. If links are broken, let me know and I’ll remove them. (Pro-Jester links to articles on site)–tms–amvoicesctnav-b20130806-20130806_1_the-jester-rachel-marsden-mysterious-mr (Link broken- Police report removed by Rachel Marsden) (This is a news satire site).

Rachel Mardsen, Russian Troll

Update 5/2/2018:

Today I searched LinkedIn and found something of interest – 4 profiles and one very specifically listing him as influence. #OSINT

Go figure? 🤷🏼‍♀️

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5/3/2018: I have classified @th3j35t3r in “The People who sell shit category.”

(Yes, I am a sucker)

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