Positive-Sum Game?

I read a book today.  I’m so proud of myself that I have to write a blog about it. (Yes, I’m being silly).  It was a short book and happy to have come across it by chance.  I like to say “books find me.”  This book is called “A Spy’s Guide to Thinking” by John Braddock.

I’m a bit of a hobbiest when it comes to reading spy novels, fiction and non-fiction. (Just keeps my brain a little active in my aging years).  I downloaded it on Kindle for free, as a Prime member.  It was like my version of a haiku book: simple, to the point, and using Mark Twain’s philosophy:

"Don't use a five-dollar word when a fifty-cent word will do.”

I would say that reading this book was win for me.  Not sure if it is a win for the author, as it cost me nothing so he didn’t make any money off me.

An added bonus for me, I read it during work time, as my active projects were waning. So that is another win for me, as I was paid a nice hourly rate to read a book that I downloaded for free.

So let me recap:  Free book + Paid to read it (surreptitiously)  = Win for Me

Possible win for author – not sure:

Me writing a blog post about the book and the author + Chances of me buying a book from him = Potential Win for John Braddock

I suppose that is another version of the Positive-Sum Game with some creativity on my part.

Was it a good book?  Yes, I enjoyed reading it and learned something new, which is always good.  Although you can find other books on game theory, this book is simple to read and explains it without too much technical or mathematical formulas. Also, he shares some of his own stories which makes it more appealing.

Check out his website if you are interested:   http://www.spysguide.com/