Flashes of Memories – The Early Years


As I age my memories of youth

Flash before my eyes
Those early years
All fragments, just pieces
No theme, no plot, no clue
The first seven years
Of my life I was poor white trash
Living near Lake Ave, off Orange Grove Blvd
(Pasadena circa late 60s, early 70s)
I didn’t know I was poor
Others reminded me I was white
My mother’s absence defined me as trash
There were four of us
We ran through the streets and stores
While our single father worked
to put food on the table
absent nights as he went off to college
always searching for something more
We made our own rules
Amazing we survived
Written:  6/29/2016Last updated: 7/4/2016


The Memories

1. The Mexican boys (compassion/faith)

2. The Doll (loss)

3. The Bracelet (sharing)

4. The Black Sitter (power)

5. Learning to Count to 10 in Spanish (familia)

6. Shoplifting (right and wrong)

7. The Dead Cat (fear)

8. The Donut (friends)

9.  Taco Bell (fun)

10.  Coloring Outside the Lines (conform)