Thoughts on Social Media

Lately, I have struggled with my level of sharing and involvement on Social Media and all these new electronic apps with tracking devices.  The “analyst” and “tester” in me enjoys playing with these new technologies and devices but at some point they begin to control me and not me controlling them. Now, not that I am a control freak, but life should be balanced in my humble opinion.

In addition, I met a person on my recent travels who made a statement “you should get off social media.”  Well, how does one unwind from something that has taken control?
Unwinding can be as quick as turning off a light switch, but not when you have connected to so many other lives you would never have connected to in your own small, Local Bubble of a world in which we sometimes live. I believe that I have always strived to connect to others, those different from me, gaining new perspectives on life and knowing that my view of the world is not the same as everyone else’s.
Also, as a mother, I was driven to be on MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. as my children explored these domains.  I was always in the background watching, monitoring, making sure they were posting age appropriate things before adulthood. (And the former LEO in me, wanted to be sure they were safe).  As they are adults now, I can only caution from a far and let them make their own decisions on how they write their lives on social media and the Internet.
As for me, I know that I have had to delete and restore balance in my own life many times.  Posting things out of passion or from a gut reaction to something I read that I strongly oppose.  Temperance is hard on the Internet with so many people quick to the keyboard with angry words.  And if I were to leave this space  entirely, yes, I can go back to living in my bubble and forget about the evils in the world and those filled with hate, but it doesn’t make me better and wiser, nor would it keep me informed or connected.
So where does that leave me?
Still here for now.
5/8/2018 update – left Twitter but engaging in social media where I can be more certain of the identities of others with whom I interact.